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The AirPen® Color Dispenser and Accessories


The AirPen® Color Dispenser
Includes compressor with 6 ft. airline, 5 cartridges, 5 anti-gravity 'followers', 5 red storage tips , puller tool, air shield for drop string applications, 14 interchangeable applicator tips in assorted sizes, 1 cleaning plunger.


Vacuum Pick-up Tool
Pick up beads, glass shards and other intricate pieces too small for fingertips quickly and easily with our new Vacuum Pick-up Tool. Choose suction strength with the touch of a fingertip: four separate modes Includes:Vacuum pump with with finely controllable suction for even the most delicate of jobs, on/off switch, airline, 4 suction tips.


The AirPen Cartridge Filler
A great companion tool for the AirPen! Easily and cleanly fill AirPen cartridges with glaze, slip, paint, and other mediums. A straw and vacuum tool do all the work so your hands stay clean of the contents. See video for instructions.
Includes: Vacuum tool, with air tight gasket to seal entire cartridge. Two different size connectors that easily pair with off-the-shelf plastic straws. A selection of straws included with the tool as a starter.


AirPen Medium 4 oz.
AirPen Medium can be added to thicken watercolors, or other liquids for use in the AirPen. In a small container, mix one part liquid to 1-2 parts AirPen Medium, stirring thoroughly. Pour into cartridge and draw. Alcohol may be added to aid flow characteristics.


Suction Tips
For vacuum pickup. Silicone rubber suction tips, set of three.


Brush Tips
Assortment of seven different sizes of brush tips.


Accessory Kit for AirPen Color Dispenser
Includes: Wire Puller Tool, Stainless Steel (1), Followers (5), End Plug for Cartridge, Red (5), Tip Cap (5), Cartridge (5), Plunger (1), Dispensing Tips (14), Plastic Air Shield Disc (1) - 37 pieces total.


Tips for the AirPen Color Dispenser
Includes: Plastic Taper Tips (1 ea): 14GA, 16GA, 18GA, 20GA, Metal Tips: 25GA (2), 23GA (2), 22GA (1), 20GA (3), 18GA (1), 16GA (1) - 14 pieces total. Note: The larger the gauge, the smaller the tip.


Color Filling Tip Kit
Includes: Metal Tips: 30GA (2), 27GA (2), 25GA (3), 23GA (3), 22GA (2), 20GA (2) - 14 pieces total. Note: The larger the gauge, the smaller the tip.


Ceramic Tip Kit
Includes: Plastic Taper Tips: 22GA (1), 20GA (1), 18GA (5), 16GA (3), 14GA (4) - 14 pieces total. Note: The larger the gauge, the smaller the tip.



Lace SurfacingSkin
Thread-like, incised lace design. Peel beautiful lace lengths to wrap around pots, or cut sections from the lace to make tiles or add interesting textural areas to any piece. Dimensions: 11"x16"


Leaves SurfacingSkin
Use as a full sheet to cascade across your hand-built vessel, or cut one leaf or several separately for an exquisite focal point. Dimensions: 11"x16"


Skull SurfacingSkin
The gothic effect is everywhere – from seasonal pieces to everyday creations displayed year-round. This SurfacingSkin features an ornate design with carefully composed Gothic detailing. Perfect for making tiles. Dimensions: 5"x6-1/2"


Brooch SurfacingSkin
This filigree brooch skin has more than 20 finely detailed designs to cut apart for individual use, or use as an all-over covering for your hand-built vessels. Dimensions: 8"x8"


Flower SurfacingSkin
A delicate net pattern with flower detailing and a scalloped edge. The scalloped edge would look magnificent as the flared top on a vase. Dimensions: 11"x16"


Burlap SurfacingSkin
A perfect effect when a rustic or country look is required. Instant added dimension! Dimensions: 11"x16"


Rose SurfacingSkin
Roses, leaves, and flowers on a delicate lace ground create a gorgeous traditional cabbage rose effect. Leave in one piece or cut out individual roses and leaves for detailed placement. Dimensions: 11"x16"


Cobweb SurfacingSkin
A perfectly created spiderweb that can be used atop a box, for added texture, wrapped around a thrown pot or many other ways. Dimensions: 6"x6-1/4"


Snakeskin SurfacingSkin
Use simply 'as-is' for lace, a snake, leather, reptile or even dragon skin effect. In addition it would could be use it as for a cobblestone walkway for a Fairy house sculpture. Dimensions: 11"x16"


Dot/Lines SurfacingSkin
A simple way to achieve a veil or fishnet effect on your piece. These textured slabs are great for making tiles. Dimensions: 11"x16"


Ribbons SurfacingSkin
Easily create "Congratulations", "Happy Birthday", and "We've Married" ribbon effects as well as a textural loop braid for a one-of-a-kind piece. Dimensions: 11"x16"


Grass SurfacingSkin
Create a grass-like pattern effect quickly. Instant texture for the lower part of a vase or thrown pot to draw the eye. Dimensions: 11"x16"


Bouquets SurfacingSkin
Glorious flowers in circular patterns for creating intricate details; includes long strips of "fine netting" for additional texture possibilities. Dimensions: 11"x16"


Catrina SurfacingSkin
The deep, moody, gothic trend is everywhere – from bridal and special occasions to decorative details used all year long - like these Gothic details of florals, lace patterns, and skull elements in the traditional 'Catrina' design. Dimensions: 9"x9-1/2"


SurfacingSkins™ Accessories

"Multi-Use Fin Tool"
A specially-designed tool containing four different edges for a variety of clay craft uses.


Sturdy, 4 sided durable plastic comb for combing textures into clay surface, or for creating slip or glaze patterns. Four edges: fine, medium, deep, and heavy line varieties. Dimensions: 7"x4-1/2"


Tool for spreading slip and glaze onto clay slabs or for filling details of SurfacingSkins. Dimensions: 12"x5"


Fiber Etch® Fiber Remover and Accessories

Fiber Etch 32oz.
Fiber Etch is a liquid gel which comes ready to use for devore' or "burnout" processes*. Top designers use it to create fabulous looks. Fiber Etch is also formulated to work on paper and wood! It actually 'etches' into the surface of paper and wood.


Iris Lee's Fabric Etching Video
Fabric Etching Video by Iris Lee, is a good companion to the book. Hands-on use of Fiber Etch with a wide variety of techniques. Two hours long.


Iris Lee's Fabric Etching Book and Video Special


Fiber Etch Long Satin Scarf Kit
A rayon/silk blend hand-hemmed scarf. Fiber Etch® removes the rayon satin, leaving beautifully sheer, matte areas. Dyeable. Fiber Etch sold separately.


Fiber Etch Pocket Satin Scarf Kit
A rayon/silk blend hand-hemmed scarf. Fiber Etch® removes the rayon satin, leaving beautifully sheer, matte areas. Dyeable. Fiber Etch sold separately.


Carved Postcards Kit
Thick, specialty cards may be etched with Fiber Etch for deeply carved patterns, and affixed to pre-printed, handmade paper postcards. Fiber Etch sold separately.


Stamp & Etch™ Kit
Etch away small areas of rubber-stamped images on specialty paper, add color with watercolors or colored pencils, and mount on greeting cards. Fiber Etch sold separately.


Silkpaint!® Resist and Accessories

Silkpaint! Resist Clear 32 oz.
Our unique, high quality Silkpaint!® Resist is water-soluble. You may paint instantly after applying; no drying time necessary! Tintable with dyes to make colored resists. Cool water removes the resist, while the color remains.


Silkpaint! Resist Black 32 oz.


Steaming Net - for easy stove-top steaming method.
Instructions included.


Pattern Pack - 8 - 20" Patterns
Includes design ideas and variations on each pattern. All patterns printed with black ink on heavy with paper for durability. Lay the pattern under your stretched silk and trace the outlines with Silkpaint! Resist. Fill in the outlined design with your silk dyes.