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Silkpaint® Resist

For over two decades, we at Silkpaint Corporation have explored adventurous techniques for painting dyes onto silk. Our many years as practicing artists, and teaching workshops in schools and studios, enables us to present you the very best Silkpainting Resist product in the marketplace. Since our expertise is in teaching the non-artist (you do not need to know how to draw or paint), an entire workshop is fitted into our step-by-step instruction booklet so you may easily paint luminous dyes onto silk.

Our unique, high quality Silkpaint!® Resist is water-soluble. You may paint instantly after applying; no drying time necessary! Tintable with dyes to make colored resists. Cool water removes the resist, while the color remains.

Silkpaint Resist Clear 32 oz. - $45.00

Silkpaint! Resist Black 32 oz. - $77.00

Silkpaint Resist

As a Line Resist

Dilute Silkpaint!® Resist with water (adjust as desired), or dilute resist with a small amount of dye. Piece may be painted with acid based or "French" dyes, while Silkpaint!® brand resist is still wet. Allow dye to flow within design shapes to meet resist lines. Do not paint over resist lines.

As a Stop-Flow Medium

Dilute 1 part resist with 3 parts water and paint areas of silk with a wide brush. Allow to dry. With smaller brushes, paint liquid dyes on top of this 'stop-flow' surface layering colors if desired.

For Stamping

Dilute resist with dye and spread with a wide brush on vinyl or glass surface. Apply stamp onto resist surface and then onto fabric.

Other Ideas

Paint "non-bleed" colors by mixing dyes with resist and applying with a stiff synthetic brush. Silk screen or stencil resist. "Sketch" with colored resist using applicator bottle. Draw open shapes with resist and allow dyes to flow in and out of shapes.

Finishing and Resist Removal

Steam, heat set, or fix dyes according to manufacturers instructions. Machine wash on delicate setting (soap optional), and iron while damp. Should the ironing bring back any remaining resist particle to the surface, gently re-wash your fabric.
Although Silkpaint!® Resist may be used successfully with many dye products, test with your particular dye brand for compatibility.

Silkpaint Resist is a patented product of Silkpaint Corporation