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A college of Silkpaint projects: SurfacingSkins, Fiber Etch, AirPen and Silkpaint Resist

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AirPen Color Dispenser

The AirPen® Color Dispenser - a handheld, air powered tool for drawing fine decorative details or for color filling intricate engraved areas. Paints, glues, ceramic glazes and slip, and other viscous mediums are effortlessly dispensed by placing a finger over the flow control hole to create delicate lines, dots, and embellishments without hand fatigue. The patented AirPen Color Dispenser is drip-free and supplied with an air compressor and all accessories.

SurfacingSkins Fiber Etch® Fiber Remover

SurfacingSkins™ - Intricately-textured, durable, silicone SurfacingSkins create instant dimension to a clay surface! Feed through a slab roller, or roll clay onto Skin for dimensional patterning. Distort design by further slapping, stretching, and pulling clay on work table, if desired. Raised areas can be further defined with glaze or colored slip.

Fiber Etch® Fiber Remover - a liquid gel which comes ready to use for devore' or "burnout" processes. You may etch designs into fabric and paper to produce elaborate techniques on cotton, linen, or rayon fabric blends. Fiber Etch also removes fabric within embroidered or painted areas for 'cutwork' effects. It is now formulated to work on paper too!

Silkpaint!® Resist Silkpaint! Pattern Design Pack, Booklets and more

Silkpaint!® Brand Resist - is water soluble and you may paint instantly after applying; no more drying time! It is tintable with many varieties of acid dyes to make colored resists, and cool water removes the resist while the color remains. Available in clear and black.

Silk Painting Supplies - Including our "Pattern Pak" of designs, silk dyeing Booklets, silk fabrics, and more.

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